Lab Setups

Each product mentioned in this blog has been tested in a lab environment.  Although the exact lab setup will not be detailed below covers in brief what has been setup so the lab can be replicated if needed.


Each lab is run using VMware Workstation 12 Pro running on:

  • Intel Core i7 4770
  • 32GB of RAM
  • 500GB Samsung EVO 750 SSD – Dedicated for VM’s
  • Synology NAS with 500GB Magnetic Disk iSCSI LUN
  • Synology NAS with 256GB SSD iSCSI LUN


The initial vRO lab includes the following VMs:

  • 2 x ESXi 6 U2 Hosts with 4GB of RAM
  • vCenter 6 Virtual Appliance with 8GB of RAM and 2 vCPU
  • Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller with 1GB of RAM and 1 vCPU

Networking is simple:

  • Everything is run over one private IPv4 network (not best practice)
  • No IPv6 is used
  • iSCSI LUN’s are shared using single IP address (no need for more as it is all shared from one device)
  • No firewalls (other than within VM guests) exist

vCenter has been configured with:

  • Single Instance Mode – Has both the Platform Services Controller (PSC) and vCenter services on the one server
  • Managing both ESXi 6 instances
  • 2 shared datastores are setup, one SSD, one magnetic
  • Each host has a local SSD datastore
  • 1 distributed vSwitch version 6
  • SSO is configured to connect to the 2012 R2 Active Directory server
  • VUM is not deployed